Gain more insight and transparency for better patient interactions

From fielding patient complaints about the high cost of lab testing to looking for the right test code when placing orders, physicians could benefit from more lab-related insight and transparency during patient visits.

That’s what they’ll get with the Quanum Lab Services Manager offering. Physicians can access the clinically relevant information they need at the point of care, while providing pricing transparency for their patients in order to improve patient satisfaction.

Make patient interactions more meaningful with Interactive Insights®

  • View historical trend reports and compare results over time—to provide a continuum of care
  • Get clinically relevant insights at the point of care, simplifying results interpretation
  • Request results for patients you are treating

Improve patient satisfaction

  • With estimated patient responsibility (available for some plans), physicians and patients will know what’s covered and how much lab testing will cost
  • Reduce surprise lab testing bills and calls from frustrated patients

Quest Diagnostics is committed to making it easier for our customers to work with us, as we continuously strive to innovate and elevate our customer experience.

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Pre-registration for a better patient experience

When you order a test online, your patient will receive an email* allowing them to pre-register for their lab appointment.

  • Helps improve patient compliance
  • Enhances the Patient Service Center experience

*Must have patient email address on file.

Streamline lab-related tasks for better workflow with Quanum Lab Services Manager

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