Empower all stages of the revenue cycle through automation

Streamlining and automating processes can help reduce denials and days in accounts receivable. Automation makes it possible to compile information from multiple sources, reduce steps, collect patient payments during registration, and respond in a timely fashion with the correct information. Process automation can help bring improvements to RCM, leading to significant revenue capture for the organization, while also reducing administrative and staffing costs.

QECS Revenue Cycle

  • Content service applications intelligently capture outside documents, automate the scheduling process, and reduce the cost-to-collect by streamlining manual, paper-based processes for Patient Financial Assistance.
  • Registration Assistance eliminates paper-based registration, to improve accuracy and patient satisfaction.
  • EOB integrations help with claims reconciliation to improve cash posting accuracy and reduce time to close accounts.
  • Connectivity is improved with computer-assisted coding applications.
  • Denials and Correspondence Management help capture and route exceptions to the appropriate users for correction and to drive opportunities for improvement.

The Patient Financial Assistance application enables a seamless, fully-automated process for managing financial assistance required from patients.

QECS Patient Financial Assistance

Upon completing preliminary questions from the facility website or portal, process automation will help determine if a patient qualifies for financial assistance based on facility-provided business rules. The process will follow the business criteria, route the financial application to the appropriate users for review, generate additional documents like letters to the patient, and create tasks and reminders as appropriate to get a complete application and final disposition of acceptance or denial. This process automation drastically reduces manual processing and ensures a consistent, seamless procedure to improve patient and staff satisfaction. 

Download the Patient Financial Assistance case study here.

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