What Our Clients Say

Care360® has helped thousands of physicians embrace electronic health records efficiently and easily. But don’t just take our word for it. Find out what our customers have to say.

Dr. Keith Klein, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

 An Intuitive Interaction

 “I would defy anyone to show me any piece of software that works so seamlessly, when you are talking to a patient and using it at the same time, as Care360®.”

—Dr. Keith Klein, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA


Dr. Paulo Andre, MetroWest Medical Center“Definitely the Best” in Electronic Health Records

“Care360® is available online from anywhere. I use it in my office and at three different hospitals when I am on call. I tried other systems, and Care360 EHR is definitely the best.”
—Dr. Paulo Andre, MetroWest Medical Center


Dr. Michael Brown, Hazelwood Family PracticeThe Future Way of Practicing Medicine

“Care 360® EHR is the future way of practicing medicine…it is web-based. I can check a patient’s records from home or if I am in the airport. We don’t have to back up anything, which has been a huge advantage to us.”
—Dr. Michael Brown, Hazelwood Family Practice


Dr. Jonathan Greenblatt, New York Heart Associates Immediate Availability of Information

“The immediate availability of information makes patients feel very happy and well taken care of, which is what we are trying to do.”
—Dr. Jonathan Greenblatt, New York Heart Associates



Dr. Thomas Wolf, Freemont, Nebraska Mobile Access to Information

“I use Care360 Mobile to send prescriptions, view lab results, check allergies and more!”
—Dr. Thomas Wolf, Freemont, Nebraska



Modular Approach – Easy Transition

Easy Transition, Minimal Learning Curve
“A big value in Care360® EHR is that it is modular. Having Care360 Labs and ePrescribing previously made the transition easy. The learning curve was really reduced with the similar design; this made a big difference in how quickly our office was up to speed. Dr. Sherman can function more efficiently now.”
—Ruth Darmanin, Office Manager, Rimma Sherman, MD

“No Training Other than a Webinar”
“We taught ourselves with no training other than a webinar. We liked it because we were able to do it at our own pace.” Read more.
—Dr. Mackie Snebold, DO, Wilmot Medical Association

“We Jumped Right in and Did It Ourselves”
“We jumped right in and did it ourselves. But, someone who has written charts by hand all their lives and then switches to a computer will take longer. Today, I think most third-year medical students may not have ever seen a paper chart!” Read more.
—Shobha Iyengar, MD, Belvidere, IL


Access and Convenience

“A Very Easy Interface”
“Anyone who is able to read an email or write an email…will be able to use Care360®. It’s a very easy interface.”
—Dr. Paulo Andre, MetroWest Medical Center

A “Tremendous” Time Saver
“Care360 has a remarkable check-off system that saves me a tremendous amount of time, so that I can spend more time talking with the patient.”
—Dr. Michael Brown, Hazelwood Family Practice
Family Time and Work Need Not Compete
“I can sit outside a restaurant with my family, order some wings and watch a game while also working on patient charts with Care360 EHR.?” Read more.
—Charlie H. Foster, Jr., MD, Waverly Primary Care


Information Sharing

Care360® is “Exactly What We Need”
“For me, the most important feature is clinical messaging – the ability to exchange information with specialists immediately so they can see exactly what we need and why.”
—Dr. Bart Alfano, Chairman of MetroWest Accountable Healthcare Organization

Transmit Information from Anywhere                                                                  
“I like the ability to transmit patient information electronically to physicians on the Care360® network or via fax to physicians not yet on Care360. We are in a resort community 3,500 feet in the mountains, with many of our patients here for just six of the warmer-climate months.” —Brenda McConnell, Office Manager, Highlands Medical Associates


Limited Impact on Your Practice

No Interruption in Seeing Patients
“We saw patients during our training. Our pace was just a little slower for a few days, which was to be expected, while we learned the Care360® EHR application.”
—Dien Le, Medical Assistant, Ralph Sherman, MD

Fast Transition to Full EHR
“We took a slower pace during the three days of in-person training, gradually increasing the number of patients we saw each day and purposely varying the types of patients scheduled. After training, we decided to go the EHR route 100%. Within a week or two, we were working at full speed.”
—Dr. Rimma Sherman, M.D.

Refreshingly Knowledgeable
“Our technical staff in IT always comments that they are so impressed with the creative and extremely competent resources at Care360. Those people really know their stuff. If there is any possible way to make something work, the Care360 staff will figure that out. It is so refreshing to know we will be working with someone who knows and understands our needs and the technology.”
—KLAS Survey Respondent



Everything Is Right Where You Need It
“So many of the EHRs are so complicated; Quest has created a system that is simple to use. Once you learn how to use the system, everything is right there.”
—Dr. Michael Brown, Hazelwood Family Practice
“What You See Is What You Get”
“The system is user-friendly – really easy to use. What you see is what you get – no hunting and pecking. You can see everything on the Quick View screen (patient problems, allergies, active meds, encounter notes). If you want more information, you just click on it.”
—Tammy Hutchison, Office Manager, Hazelwood Family Practice

Care360® “Fell Right into Place”
“It is simple to understand. We picked up on it very easily; it fell right into place in our office.” —Brenda McConnell, Office Manager, Highlands Medical Associates

Care360® is “Home Base” for Ease and Utility
“The ease and utility of patient care is much more efficient with Care360 EHR, and you can do as much or as little as you want to do with it. I really like the method center because it covers everything from labs and clinical documents to action items and faxes. I like to think of it as a central home base.” Read more.
—Dr. Avidon Appel, Elliott Internal Medicine 
“Unbelievably Fast”
“It was very simple and unbelievably fast. All we had to do was pull up the sites, answer questions and walk right through the process. If there was an error, the system indicated the specific line or page that was incorrect. It only took us about 10 minutes to complete.”
—Dr. Mackie Snebold, DO, Wilmot Medical Association
“Transitions of Care Are Effortless”
“The best thing about Care360® EHR is having a patient record without a chart. Demographics, medical history and other patient information are now all in one place. We don’t spend time looking for paper charts, and transitions of care are effortless. Correspondence with the hospitals and other physicians is so much simpler. Care360 EHR has been a time-saver for us.”
—Dr. Mackie Snebold, DO, Wilmot Medical Association
“Key Information” Is All in One Place
“Key information we need is all together on one screen. I don’t have to repeat tests because I can easily see what a colleague did, and I don’t have to wait for a nurse to get the chart.”
—Dr. Charles Foster, Waverly Primary Care
“No More Lost Charts or Letters”
““The entire patient visit and interaction is so much more efficient. I like the fact that we pull the chart and everything is right there. There are no more lost charts or letters.” Read more.
—Jonathan Hetzel, MD, Family Practice


Works for How Your Office Works

Multiple Capabilities Made Simple
“As a medical assistant, I enter reason for visit, vitals, patient problems and roster information. I also enter prescriptions per Dr. Sherman’s orders and print out weekly script reports. Dr. Sherman enters his own history and physical information on every patient.”     
—Dien Le, Medical Assistant, Ralph Sherman, M.D.

Care360 Is “Much Better for the Patients and the Staff”
“Dr. Hetzel is 100% hands-on with Care360® EHR – entering what was done for the patient in the electronic record, ordering and refilling meds with ePrescribing, and entering lab orders. One of our patients needed a pre-op H&P. Rather than filling out forms, Dr. Hetzel input the information into the EHR and printed it out for the patient. This is so much better for the patients and the staff.”
—Trudy Hetzel, Office Manager, Jonathan Hetzel, M.D.

More Efficient and Convenient
“We have laptops in every exam room. When a patient walks in the door, the receptionist opens a SOAP note. (If a new patient, all of their information provided is scanned into their new electronic chart.) In the exam room, the medical assistant enters the vital signs and initial take-in information into the Care360® EHR. Next, Dr. Sherman inputs the physical exam information herself, orders Rx's and notes the plan. Dr. Sherman is conveniently able to look at radiology reports (which a staff member scanned and placed in the patient chart) and blood work results during the exam. Later in the day, Dr. Sherman reviews the note and finalizes it.” —Ruth Darmanin, Office Manager, Rimma Sherman, M.D.

Useful Now, Promises to Make Even Easier
“The real advantage of Care360® EHR is its ease of use and the utility of patient care. It enhances communications with other offices, and the fact that it makes Meaningful Use is great. Ultimately, the product will make life easier in the future – that’s where it’s good.”  
—Dr. Avidon Appel, DO, MBA, Elliott Internal Medicine

Revolutionizing the Access of Medical Information
“Care360® EHR enhances the delivery of medical care in a timely, efficient and economically valuable manner, without the associated excess burden on our medical office staff. Without leaving our seats and using a keyboard and mouse, Care360 EHR has allowed for a fluid relay of information between our office, our patients and other health care providers as well. This paperless, electronic form of data has revolutionized the organization and access of medical information for patients and providers alike, both within and outside of our office. The difficulties lie in the successful adoption of this technology by all health care providers as well as the successful integration of this data by insurance companies, alike to allow a clear two-way line of communication for all.”
—Dr. Avidon Appel, DO, MBA, Elliott Internal Medicine
No Interference with Workflow
“Care360 EHR doesn’t interfere with workflow—paper interferes when it gets lost!”
—Charlie H. Foster, Jr., MD, Waverly Primary Care
Complying with Insurance Company Requests Is Easy
“Before implementing Care360 EHR, when an insurance company wanted a chart, we’d have to pull the file, look through everything, decide what to fax and then fax manually. Now, we call up the electronic record, choose what we want, push a button and send. It saves so much time.
—Trudy Hetzel, Office Manager, Jonathan Hetzel, M.D.