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Data Diagnostics®, a Quanum solution: Empowers you to better
the health of your patients and
your practice

Today's healthcare environment is driven by information

A lot is demanded of you when it comes to data. Due to regulatory changes, accurate coding and reimbursement processes require you to keep track of a lot of patient health data. At the same time, you’re expected to maintain a comprehensive view of patients’ health in order to optimize face-to-face visits. The challenges you face in staying up-to-date with information are numerous and significant. Data Diagnostics can help.

Data Diagnostics is a suite of hundreds of patient-specific, real-time analytics that can be accessed on-demand from your existing system and at the point of care. With Data Diagnostics, you can access three distinct patient health data categories to gain a wide range of insights that will help you achieve greater clinical and quality outcomes. Utilizing Data Diagnostics will help you to:

  • Provide immediate results at the point of care, creating greater efficiency and timely diagnosis and treatment
  • Promote better patient health and higher patient satisfaction
  • Reduce unnecessary costs and improves financial performance
Data Diagnostics Sample Report View a sample report here.
Data Diagnostics Video
Data Diagnostics Video


Easy integration, quick turnaround

Data Diagnostics is easy to implement into your office. It is seamlessly incorporated into your practice’s workflow through Quest Diagnostics Care360® platform and integration with more than 400 supported EHR platforms. In addition, Data Diagnostics provides you with answers quickly—most of your requests for data will be fulfilled within seconds.



Data Diagnostics offers three distinct categories of patient
health analytics:

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Quality-Related Insights

What it provides: A comprehensive picture of patients’ current or predicted clinical and quality gap status for specific quality measurements (e.g. CMS 5-Star, ACA QRS, or NCQA/HEDIS®) and actions needed to improve quality.

What you gain: Information regarding precise quality measure status and insights that help you facilitate improvements to quality measurements for the patient.

  Historical icon

Historical Data-Related Insights

What it provides: Insight into detailed medical history to help inform diagnosis, potentially reduce encounter time, avoid duplicative exams or tests, and aid in patient evaluation and diagnosis for more efficient and improved care.

What you gain: Help you enhance and potentially reduce encounter time, improve the targeted nature of exams, get accurate information when patients are unable to do so or for patients you’ve never seen before, and reduce costs by avoiding unnecessary duplicative evaluations or tests.

  Risk Score icon

Risk Score-Related Insights

What it provides: Insight into patient risk score accuracy gaps (e.g. HCC, CRG, CDPS, etc.) and supports accurate disease burden documentation of unaddressed or worsening conditions to achieve a more accurate understanding of patient-specific disease burden.

What you gain: Insight into how to support the achievement of patient risk score accuracy, accurate disease burden documentation of unaddressed or worsening conditions, and appropriate reimbursement accuracy.


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