Creating Process and Workflows for Your Unique Needs

Streamlining, accelerating and improving healthcare processes with workflows has been a part of ChartMaxx DNA from the very beginning. The new era of ChartMaxx provides a platform to empower hospital users to combine patient and administrative data and create highly efficient processes that focus on care-centered operations and help lead to improved healthcare outcomes and improved financial health for the facility.

This unique collaboration marks a significant advancement in the healthcare IT industry. By combining the award-winning ChartMaxx software with BPM software, hospitals can improve work efficiencies and collaborate in real-time. ChartMaxx - backed by over 20 years of expertise in the healthcare industry, connects healthcare and financial data, processes, documents and collaborations in one environment, on any desktop or device, through a simple social interface. ChartMaxx ECM, combines real-time collaboration, filtered views of key business events, reports and alerts, tasks and actions into a single intuitive interface for rapid adoption and extreme ease of use.

ChartMaxx ECM with BPM functionality addresses the most important priorities of hospital CFOs and CIOs needing to elevate their health systems' efficiency and enhance interconnectivity to get the best performance out of their existing IT infrastructure and drive real-time collaboration across their healthcare network. The Healthcare IT industry can now realize increased benefits from streamlining electronic records, maximizing real-time collaboration and transforming information into actionable knowledge.

ChartMaxx has been implemented in more than 140 hospitals and integrated healthcare delivery networks. ChartMaxx ECM, which has been ranked nine times as Top 20 'Best in KLAS' Document Management and Imaging (DMI) solution, enables healthcare organizations to see immediate improvements that support EHR integration, enhance performance results, accelerate processes, meet meaningful use, and save time and money. 

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