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    Prepare to Get the Most Out of Your Doctor Visit

    When you hear, “The doctor will see you now,” be sure to make the most of every second.

  • How To Request a Test

    How to Request a Test

    When you visit your physician or other healthcare professional, go prepared. You may have heard about a new medical study, a new medication or a new laboratory test that might be right for you.

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    What is the ColoVantage® Blood Test?

    Your doctor can order ColoVantage® as part of routine blood testing. The convenient test doesn’t require you to avoid certain foods or involve any advance preparation. But it can aid in the detection of colorectal cancer.

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    What Is Fasting and Do I Need to Fast?

    When your healthcare provider orders certain tests, you may be told to fast for several hours before the test or overnight. Here’s what you need to know to comply with your doctor’s instructions.

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