Understand CVD* and the benefits of advanced testing
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Heart disease and testing

Traditional cholesterol tests can fail to predict heart disease in up to 50% of patients. Learn more about how Quest Diagnostics is working to help doctors create comprehensive, personalized plans for their patients, assessing a variety of risk factors that may contribute to heart disease.

Why your doctor ordered advanced CVD testing
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How testing may help you

Medical testing can be overwhelming. But the more your doctor can learn about your risk of developing heart disease, the more he or she can do to work with you to help prevent it. Understand the reasons your doctor may have ordered Cardio IQ® Advanced Cardiovascular Testing and how it may help improve your health.

What is Cardio IQ® Advanced Testing?
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Cardio IQ® Tests 101

From advanced testing methods like Ion Mobility and genetics tests, this overview helps you understand the different Cardio IQ® Tests and why your doctor may have ordered one or more of them for you.

Learn about 4myheart®, our patient support program
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This individualized heart health program is available at no cost to patients who have had Cardio IQ® Testing within the last 6 months. As you work with a team of Clinical Educators, you’ll learn about many ways to reduce your cardiovascular risk through methods such as diet, exercise, and stress management, as well as the importance of taking your medication.

Ask your doctor about enrolling in 4myheart®, our program to help improve heart health, available at no cost.

A quick overview of heart disease and its treatment
Heart disease report

Download this quick guide to understanding heart disease, day-to-day lifestyle changes that can help, and treatment options you may want to ask about during your next visit to the doctor.

Contact a Clinical Educator with our call guide
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After receiving your test results, connect with a team of Clinical Educators from our 4myheart® Program to help you reach your health goals. Scheduling an appointment is easy: Quest Diagnostics will contact your physician for consent to enroll you in the 4myheart® Program.