Faster Appointment Scheduling

Woman in green scarf looking at smartphone

With three speedy ways to schedule lab tests 24/7, pick the one that suits you best.

You don’t live only during business hours, so why should you be limited to taking care of personal business on someone else’s timetable? That’s why we offer three easy methods you can use 24/7 to schedule lab tests—and save you precious time.

What Works for Your Lifestyle?

The Right Time and Place

All three systems allow you to select the location closest to home or work, as well as the day and time that works best for you. After you choose your preferred location, we’ll provide driving directions from your starting point, along with a map.

Automatic Reminders

To help you remember your appointment, we’ll email you about your appointment and location the day before your scheduled visit. We also provide an icon that smartphone users can drag onto their Outlook calendar.

Advice to Prepare for Your Test

Our automated system also reminds you that you need to bring your test order (if it hasn’t been sent electronically) and insurance information. You’ll also be advised to review your doctor’s instructions about whether you need to fast before the test.

With any one of these programs, you’ll be in and out of your next lab visit faster.