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TestMinder® Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Getting Started: How do I sign up for TestMinder?

    Signing up for TestMinder is simple. All you have to do is take your standing order to one of our Patient Service Centers* and provide:

    • Your email address,
    • Mobile phone number for a text reminder, or
    • Home, work or mobile number for a telephone reminder.

    You can also sign up at your physician's office if they are using our Care360 computer system to order lab testing.

    * Not available at Patient Service Centers in N. California.

  • Getting Started: Is there a charge to enroll in this program?

    No, there is no charge to participate.

  • Reminders: How many days prior to the standing order date will I receive the standing order reminder?

    You will receive your reminder three days prior to the standing order collection date set by the physician for weekly orders and seven days prior to the standing order collection date set by the physician for monthly standing orders. Reminders are not available for daily standing orders.

  • Reminders: What time will the reminders be sent?

    All reminders (texts, calls and emails) will be sent at 1:00PM Eastern.

  • Will the reminders be personalized?

    The emails and phone calls will include the name of the individual who has the standing order. However for security purposes we will not be referencing the physician's name or the testing required.

  • How does TestMinder protect my information?

    We are committed to protecting the privacy of your information. Our TestMinder reminder communications do not contain any sensitive Protected Health Information (PHI) such as the name(s) of tests.

    The TestMinder application stores your contact information in a secure database. We are committed to complying with HIPAA rules on protecting patient health information. All data that we send to our external partners that distribute the emails, texts and phone messages are encrypted, and protected through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). SSL is a known encryption method used by internet websites by all industries.

  • What happens if I have standing orders with multiple physicians?

    You can receive a reminder for each standing order that you have.

  • Can a reminder be added to an existing standing order?

    Yes. Either the phlebotomist or physician can add a reminder to an existing standing order.

  • Will any of the reminders be in other languages?

    The reminder email will have a link "en Espanol" that will convert the email to Spanish.

  • Will text messaging rates apply for the communications if I don't have unlimited texting?

    Yes. The first text that you will receive will be a validation text confirming that you want to participate in the program. This text and all future text messages will reference that rates may apply.

  • Opting-Out: What text do I send to stop receiving messages about a standing order?

    • To stop receiving text messages for a standing order text "HALT"
    • To stop receiving text messages from Quest Diagnostics text "STOP"
  • Opting-Out: Can I opt-out of receiving reminders?

    Yes. You can easily opt-out of text, email and phone reminders. Every email and text reminder provides an option for you to opt-out. To opt-out of phone reminders, you must pick-up or answer the call, then press "2".

    If you receive a phone reminder that goes to voicemail/answering machine, then you will have to opt-out by asking your physician or the staff at one of our Patient Service Centers to stop the reminders.