Celiac & Gluten-Related Disorders
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Gluten-related disorders: The Basics

Breakthrough research in 2011 revealed that celiac disease is just one piece in a spectrum of gluten-related disorders. If you think you or a loved one may have one of these conditions find out more.

Learn More about the Diagnostic Process
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Diagnosis: It begins with an exam and blood tests

The diagnosis of celiac disease, wheat allergy, and other gluten-related disorders can begin with a blood test. Learn more about the diagnostic process for each condition.

Diet Overview
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Gluten-free Diet 101

Those on a gluten-free diet must avoid all foods containing wheat, barley, rye, and ingredients that are by-products of these grains. Get an overview of the basic facts to get you started.

One Patient's Story
Celiac Testing: One patient's story

Henry's Story

Sometimes the journey to celiac disease diagnosis is long and fraught with multiple trips to the doctor, misdiagnoses, non-diagnoses and frustration.  See the story of one patient's long road to diagnosis.

Could it be Celiac Disease?
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Celiac Disease Information

Hear a panel of expert physicians give a comprehensive overview of celiac disease symptoms, testing, comorbid conditions, and life after diagnosis.

The First Step To Diagnosis is a Blood Test
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Talk to your Healthcare Provider

Could your symptoms be caused by celiac disease? The first step to diagnosis is a blood test.  Talk to your healthcare provider about whether testing for celiac disease is right for you.