Doctor consulting patient.

Making more personalized cancer treatments possible

Your battle with cancer is personal. Now, your fight can be, too.

More precise medicine for your most personalized care: That’s Watson Genomics from Quest Diagnostics.

Watson Genomics from Quest Diagnostics combines:

  • Quest’s state-of-the-art tumor analysis,
  • IBM Watson’s cognitive computing, and
  • Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center’s expertise

The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard’s research is also an important part of this ground-breaking collaboration.

With Watson Genomics from Quest, treatment plans that typically take doctors weeks to develop can now be completed in minutes.

How a Watson Genomics test works

  • Quest Diagnostics analyzes the unique genetic mutations of your tumor biopsy
  • IBM Watson compares the mutations against leading science and therapies
  • Quest medical experts review, validate, and report the results to your doctor
  • You and your doctor develop a targeted treatment plan that is tailored to you

How Watson for Genomics KNOWS

IBM Watson for Genomics uses breakthrough artificial intelligence to analyze thousands of resources curated by subject experts, then formulate informed and individualized suggestions—within minutes.

Talk to your doctor about IBM Watson Genomics

Bring our Watson Genomics from Quest Diagnostics patient brochure to your next doctor’s appointment, to help start the conversation about whether or not Watson Genomics from Quest, Core is right for you.