Introducing MyQuest Advanced Access™.

Access to your important lab history and trends, at your fingertips.

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Quest Diagnostics allows you to control a convenient and understandable lab testing experience with MyQuest, a new mobile and web-based health tool. You can better control your health with direct access to your test results, the ability to schedule appointments at your convenience and share information with your doctors, emergency responders and other healthcare providers.

When you register for a free MyQuest account and sign-up to get your lab results, Quest automatically sends you all of your lab results from within the past 60 days, and results from any new tests that your doctor orders in the future.

Now with MyQuest Advanced Access, you can have even more control over your health information with expanded access to and trending of your historical results, dating back to January 1, 2010. Advanced Access is available for the one-time fee of $9.99.

With Advanced Access you will get your lab results history in an easy-to-read summarized format with graphs so you can track all of your lab results provided by Quest Diagnostics over time. Even if you have results from different doctors, all of your Quest Diagnostics test results will be available in one secure location. Once you register with MyQuest and purchase MyQuest Advanced Access, you can view results on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

At Quest Diagnostics, we realize that the value of a test result is more than just a number. We empower you with information you can use to improve your health.

Getting started is easy. If you already have a MyQuest account, simply log-in to your account and click on the Purchase Advanced Access tab. If you don’t have a MyQuest account, register now.

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*Printed or PDF copies of your results without graphing are available via mail, fax or email at no charge using the Manual Request Form. These results do not provide graphs and cannot be viewed through your MyQuest account.

**Not currently available in New Mexico, South Dakota, Alaska and Maryland.