Quest Diagnostics is covered by most
insurance plans

Quest Diagnostics is covered by nearly every major health plan in Illinois, including Medicare and Medicaid. That can save you money by lowering your out-of-pocket costs. Further, having your blood work done at a Quest Diagnostics Patient Service Center instead of at a hospital outpatient center may reduce your healthcare costs, too.

You may be able to save money on blood work by using Quest Diagnostics
instead of an in-network hospital or an out-of-network lab.*

Did you know that you could pay a different price for the same test based on where you get that test? It all rests on your health insurance. The first step is staying in-network. The second step is to learn if there’s a cost difference between an independent lab like Quest Diagnostics and a hospital lab.

We want you to get the blood work that you need. Our need-based patient financial assistance program and flexible billing options are designed to keep your blood work affordable.

To apply for our Financial Assistance Program, download an application today.