We’re part of Chicago’s healthcare community

Quest Diagnostics has been in Chicago for 35 years. We are your neighbors—the people you grew up with, the friends you worship with, the neighbors at the block party. No matter where you are in Chicago—working downtown, shopping at the Ford City Mall, or hanging out in Millennium Park—our Patient Service Centers are just down the street.

Nationwide, our 650 MDs, PhDs, and genetic counselors help doctors like yours interpret results and develop a plan of action. Our drivers in Illinois make nearly 50,000 stops per month to deliver specimens to Quest Diagnostics laboratories, so you can get the answers you need quickly.

We are in your community

At Quest Diagnostics, we are committed to helping create positive change in Chicago where we work and live. We bring a dedicated, compassionate focus to inspiring socially responsible activities. Our goal is to help deliver better health.

One of the local activities we are involved in is:

AIDS Run and Walk Chicago
October 1, 2017