Quest Diagnostics helps you understand your health

Our years of experience in Chicago has helped us focus our testing menu on the diseases that are impacting the lives of you, your friends, and your family. We offer more than 3,500 tests and screenings. We test for the common and the complex—we have tests you can’t get anywhere else. Always check with your health plan to see what tests are covered.

Hepatitis C
There are many ways to get the hepatitis C virus. Anyone can have it. A one-time hepatitis C screening test is covered under the Affordable Care Act—there is no cost to you.

Over 3.5 million people in Illinois have prediabetes, and early detection can be an important first step to a healthy, diabetes-free lifestyle.1

Heart Health
Heart disease is the leading cause of death in Illinois.2 Having a clear picture of your heart health can help you achieve a more heart-healthy lifestyle.

There are an estimated 43,500 people living with HIV in Illinois.3 Anyone of any race, gender, or sexual orientation can get HIV. Only an HIV test can confirm whether a person is infected. That’s why HIV screening is so critical.

Women’s Health
Quest Diagnostics offers testing for each stage of your life. If your annual exam identifies any issues, early treatment may increase the chance of success.

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