Find tools to engage members and promote better health

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Quest Diagnostics is dedicated to investing in the services you need to succeed. Our offerings can help you achieve cost savings while optimizing member health. We partner with you to deliver solutions that matter to your customers, so you can stay ahead in the market.


Optimize genetic testing and counseling

Learn more about how you can address the opportunities and challenges brought about by genetic testing—including the integration of lab-based genetic counseling services—while improving provider and member satisfaction. Read our “Optimizing use of genetic testing: Key considerations for health plans” white paper and our case study “The value of lab-based genetic counseling services for optimal member care and test utilization management.”


Read the white paper and
case study

Access the services you need to succeed

Make testing easier for your members

Our expansive network of more than 2,200 patient service centers makes it easy for your members to stay compliant, use an in-network lab and reduce their out-of-pocket costs.

Find tests for any need

Our comprehensive test menu meets the needs of a diverse member population and ranges from routine to highly specialized, including advanced genetic and molecular testing capabilities. Our tests support your members at every stage of the care continuum, helping them prevent problems from arising, identify health issues and manage chronic conditions.

Deliver impactful employer solutions

Our easy-to-implement employer solutions can help shift volume from higher cost labs, boost member health and improve employer satisfaction. From pre-employment drug testing to lab benefit differential and steerage programs, our end-to-end employer solutions drive results.

Offer wellness solutions

Help employers gain deeper insights into their employee’s health with Blueprint for Wellness®. Our comprehensive wellness solution identifies risk early, informs intervention and engages employees in their health.

Woman with coffee textingEngage members

Getting your members actively involved in their health is key to promoting better health behaviors and ultimately preventing or better managing health conditions.

MyQuest makes it easy for members to be active in their own healthcare by allowing them to directly access their lab results, and schedule test appointments and more via computer, tablet or smartphone.

Quest offers a range of communications materials to make it easy to educate members about improving their health and engage them in the process. In addition to customizable, co-branded materials, our Spotlight on Health newsletters offer health education materials that focus on important topics like heart disease, breast cancer and HIV.