Lab Spend Management

With Quest Diagnostics, your employees can have access to high quality testing and lab services at a lower price.

Reduced Healthcare Spending

Don’t let the high cost of hospital and out-of-network labs get in the way of the health of your employees. Give them the option to choose Quest Diagnostics—high quality diagnostic laboratory testing services at a lower cost to you and to your employees. Contact us to learn more.

Improved Employee Health and Wellness

The health of your company depends on the health of your employees. We give you the tools to reduce your healthcare spending while also enabling your employees to embrace prevention and take charge of their health

  • Blueprint for Wellness®, our unique, laboratory-based health assessments, provides insights and measurable results that can help you manage risk and reduce healthcare spending.
  • Our disease management programs, designed to address a variety conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, colon cancer and more, help your employees better manage their chronic conditions.

Positive Experiences for Employees

At Quest Diagnostics, we’re customer-focused. One of the ways we enhance the customer experience is by offering convenience. Here are just a few of the convenient services we offer our customers:

  • Easy-to-use online and mobile Location finder when you need to find the best location
  • Online and mobile appointment scheduling available anywhere, anytime
  • Approximately 2,000 patient service centers; it’s easy to find a nearby location
  • MyQuest™ Mobile Health App to securely see, store, and share health information. Includes lab results, medications, medication reminders, medical conditions, contacts, and alergies/immunizations.
  • Diagnostic tests A to Z: On-line patient information on health conditions and testing

For more information about how we can help you manage lab spend, contact us.