Oral Fluid Overview

Sliding Oral-Eze oral fluid collection pad into tube
Oral fluid testing offers accurate results after a simple collection. When compared to other tests, it typically detects drugs closer to the time of use.

Oral Fluid Testing FAQs

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Why choose lab-based oral fluid drug testing? What is the detection window for drugs in oral fluid? What drugs are tested with oral fluid testing?

Advantages of Oral-Eze®

Quest Diagnostics Oral-Eze oral fluid collection and testing system showing the blue window indicator

The Oral-Eze collection system features a sample adequacy window that turns blue when a sufficient amount of oral fluid has been collected for testing.

Oral Fluid Testing Panels & Cutoffs

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Our oral fluid drug testing panels yield reliable results that allow employers to screen with confidence.
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Oral-Eze White Paper

Oral-Eze oral fluid collection

Many employers choose Oral-Eze because it is easy to complete a fast, observed collection at their workplace.

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