Substance abuse training

Substance abuse training programs are designed to educate your workforce about alcohol and drug testing. In addition, the training:

  • Offers in-depth employee and supervisor instructional training
  • Provides an interactive tutorial on each section within a module
  • Reinforces learning by quizzing users following each training section and at the end of the entire training module
  • Tracks which employees have completed required modules, their test date and their score
  • Keeps you and your office compliant with training requirements and guidelines mandated by federal agencies, such as the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT)
  • Enhances employee productivity and reduce costs of medical and workers' compensation claims by promoting a drug-free workforce

Employee training

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Supervisor training

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Additionally, the DOT and several states require training for both employees and their supervisors in areas such as the health consequences of drug use, safety and work, and  behavioral cues that indicate drug use. These programs meet government criteria.

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