Why choose Quest

Group of technicians in drug testing lab

Quest Diagnostics offers reliable drug screening, an extensive collection site network, and personal support. Our network of laboratories participates in rigorous proficiency testing to maintain complete quality assurance.

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Flexible payment options

Depending on the payee, payment processes can sometimes be difficult to reconcile. Quest can help resolve these issues by managing collections and billing. We can bill the court directly or collect the payment from the participant at the time of drug test collection.

Laboratory excellence

drug testing labQuest participates in rigorous laboratory proficiency testing and all four of our labs are SAMHSA-certified. Our labs perform millions of drug tests annually and our supportive staff understands how their work directly impacts an individual’s life and livelihood. 

We're There When You Need Us

With a decades-long commitment to exceptional service in drug testing, Quest aims to help your drug court program run as smoothly as possible. We will guide you to choose the right test and timing to optimize your drug testing program’s success. We want to help you and your drug court participants achieve your goals. We’re more than just a lab; we’re a true partner in your success.

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