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The right drug testing program can free up resources so you can continue to support and guide your participants through recovery. In addition to a comprehensive portfolio of drug testing options, Quest provides skilled consultation to help you plan, implement, and manage a successful court testing program.


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Quest provides online and on-site training for all testing products.


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Legally admissible documentation and expert support.


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We’re there when you need us with hands-on, expert support to help ensure there are no obstacles.


Testing documentation

To help reduce court costs and assist in ensuring the admissibility of testing records in disputed proceedings, Quest Diagnostics offers several test document options.

Business record affidavit

Designed specifically to reduce court costs and simplify the admissibility of test results as authenticated business records, an affidavit is typically available within two to three business days of request. This documentation is compliant with federal rules of evidence and includes the external custody and control form and the final lab report.

Comprehensive documentation package

Available within three to four weeks of request, a comprehensive documentation package demonstrates the laboratory’s strict adherence to chain of custody procedures and provides all testing and quality control data, including both screening and confirmation testing.

Knowledge Center

We strive to provide industry-leading tools that answer questions, improve your programs, and leverage best practices. The resources in our Knowledge Center give you access to dynamic program-enhancing tools and information. Since we know that staying well-informed is important to you, we provide most of these resources free of charge.

Online drug testing training

Training your team about alcohol and drug testing is critical to maintaining an effective recovery program. We offer a variety of online training programs to choose from for additional education. Learn more

Quest Diagnostics Drug Testing Index™

The Drug Testing Index reveals insights into patterns of drug use among the American workforce. We publish these findings as a public service for government, policymakers, employers, media, and the general public. See the latest data.