Drug testing solutions for treatment and problem-solving courts

Drug treatment and other problem-solving courts including, veteran’s treatment, DWI, and family courts count on drug testing to ensure compliance, while at the same time supporting the program participants who are rebuilding their careers and working to lead productive lives. Quest Diagnostics addresses these goals with a complete package of testing and collection solutions that incorporates technology, training, and support from a leader in drugs-of-abuse testing.

Convenient collections

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Incorporate random and scheduled testing on whatever scale fits your program, at your on-site location or at sites throughout our nationwide collection network.

Testing documentation

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Additional documentation is available to assist in the admissibility of testing records in disputed proceedings.

Online efficiency

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online tools speed up drug testing, reduce errors, and eliminate paperwork.

Successful drug court programs are built on accountability, trust, and support, so your staff can focus on what matters. Quest provides:

• Flexible and dependable drug testing solutions that eliminate common obstacles to participation.

• Reliability of an industry leader that performs millions of drug tests annually and understands how they directly impact an individual’s life and livelihood.

• Proven technology and a committed team of experts to guide you through every step.