Quest Diagnostics' global reach serves over 4,000 cities in over 80 countries through in-house laboratories in the United States and United Kingdom and through alliance laboratories in China, Singapore, Australia and South America.

We recognize that logistics can typically comprise 30 - 50% of the total study budget. Our approach is to address client requirements early, partner with clients to employ effective budget management, and deliver an optimized logistics solution.

Early Interaction in Study Design

  • Provide input at the budget stage to identify the most cost-efficient and cost-effective couriers for a country or region
  • Review actual site listing during the study set-up to provide feedback to any sites requiring changes in couriers

Providing Logistics Solutions

  • Global Courier Pricing: Our highly competitive pricing structure with global couriers achieves significant savings on existing studies. Pricing can also be tailored by study or program.
  • Expanded Suite of Carriers: To ensure that we take advantage of true global expertise in order to provide clients with optimized logistics solution to meet relevant cost/service criteria. Quest Diagnostics Clinical Trials has established relationships with DHL, FedEx, Marken, OCASA, Quickstat, and World Courier. Preferred couriers vary by region and transport requirements. Quest Diagnostics has expanded our courier suite to include experts, TNT, PDP and MNX (Midnight Express).
  • Quest Diagnostics Courier Network: In the United States, Quest Diagnostics offers a proprietary courier network to transport samples with performance levels comparable to commercial couriers - achieving over 99% on time performance.

Courier Management Strategies

  • Monitor study metrics to review courier performance
  • Work closely with couriers to develop innovative solutions to provide service enhancements and cost reductions
  • Proactively manage couriers, undertaking scheduled performance reviews to ensure study metrics are achieved
  • Provide feedback to the project manager and sponsor company regarding any issues arising during the study