Careers That Make a Difference

Working for the world's leading provider of diagnostic services gives employees the chance to work in a rewarding environment where they can see the impact of their work in improving human health.

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At Quest Diagnostics, we are dedicated to continuously improving patient health. Each year, our diagnostic testing impacts 70% of all healthcare decisions and serves one in three American adults.

Regardless of one's role, employees get personal satisfaction from knowing their work inspires actions that transform lives and contributes to improving human health. Whether you are drawing a patient's blood sample or reviewing a real estate agreement for a prospective testing location, the role each employee plays is vital to shaping the future of health care.

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Our healthcare information technology capability is helping shape the future of healthcare. Through us, physicians have access to advanced diagnostic testing and extensive clinical expertise to help them make informed healthcare decisions. Over 160,000 physicians use our Care360® suite of connectivity solutions to electronically order lab tests, deliver timely test results, share clinical information quickly and securely, and prescribe drugs to their patients. Through our science and innovation team and with external partners, we've developed and introduced breakthrough laboratory tests, many of which have become the standard of care over time. 

QuestCares is an employee program focused on community service and charitable giving. Since its inception in 1997, QuestCares has raised millions of dollars and contributed thousands of hours for nationally sponsored charities and local organizations across the country.

Quest Diagnostics offers free health assessments to each employee and their spouse to actively manage their health. Blueprint for Wellness is a personal health assessment based on laboratory results and information from a health questionnaire. By conducting health assessments for common conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, we enable people to better manage their health.

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