Life at Quest Diagnostics

A Unique Working Environment & Culture

We are committed to employee engagement, because we believe engaged employees lead to satisfied customers and shareholders. That’s why our "put employees first" philosophy infuses everything we do, every single day.

Doctors together on break

Three words best sum up life at Quest Diagnostics: Trust. Engagement. Respect. Together, they enable us to create a unique working environment and culture. We:

  • Create an atmosphere of trust and collaboration that fosters creativity. Without creativity, there can be no innovation. When we trust that we are valued as people and contributors, we have the confidence to pursue novel ideas that ultimately grow our business.
  • Provide opportunities for engagement through all levels of the organization. Engagement means doing work that is meaningful and challenging; it also involves our relationships. Through teamwork and communication, we engage with each other and create a strong sense of community.
  • Instill a culture of respect — one that recognizes not just what we accomplish, but who we are as unique individuals. Through our diversity, we bring new perspectives and experiences to our work, which ultimately help to create a more successful organization.
Doctor in lab coat and doctor in scrubs review a chart.

Our management style is accessible. Many managing directors tour the laboratory every day and greet employees by name. This practice of "management by walking around" is a hallmark of our collegial, informal style.

We make sure to take time to have fun together. Local business units regularly hold events to recognize employees' years of service, host special activities such as Lab Week or customer service week, and celebrate the achievement of business unit goals. We also hold diversity celebrations including Black History month, Hispanic American month, Asian Pacific Americans month, Gay Pride month and Veterans Day.